Helping Kids Overcome

Right now over at The Home Educating Family Association I’m sharing some tips on helping kids learn to kick sin habits. Here’s a little snippet and an invitation to click over and benefit from the full post.

training kids to be overcomers HEDUA

During January, when the world is focused on change, I’m evaluating my parental role in helping my children overcome sinful habits.

Luke 6:40 presents an interesting difference between teaching and training. “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.” Did you catch the difference? In order for our children to fully grasp a concept we must not only teach or explain why to do something, we must also work through the progression of how it is accomplished.

Training moves knowledge from a principle to practical, tangible action. When we merely explain why certain behavior is sinful we’ve only done half of the job.

Think about a recurring behavior problem you observe in your child. With that one issue in mind, let’s work through biblical ways to help them overcome it.

(For heart-probing questions and steps to help you help your children, please join me here.)

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