The Verdict on Beauty

by Jen, from Confident in Grace

Sometimes I wish I could go back to my second-grade self, that girl who was mostly tomboy, confident leader-of-the-pack. She could be friends with whomever she wanted, even boys. She wore dresses, but she also climbed trees. She lived free.

She never considered what the scales said about her value. She never wished to be more like her blond-headed friend. She had a little crush on a classmate of hers, but never spent her days waiting for him to notice.

She was relatively innocent, that girl God created on purpose and with a plan.

But that girl moved from state to state nearly every year after third grade until she finally moved overseas. Each new school left its mark, some beauty spots and some ugly scars, and she found herself wearing labels like… Click here to read the rest of Jen’s story!


Beware of Despair

beware of despair

Peter’s role in the crucifixion narrative grips me. We watched The Passion again on Easter. I know it has its theological problems, but the portrayal of Jesus’ agony helps me to think deeply upon the events and lessons of the cross. I’m amazed at how easily I allow the human beings of the Passion story […]

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The Verdict on Shame: by Arabah Joy

verdict-on-value-cropped 500x400

Shame has tried to silence me my entire life. Ever since I was four years old… ever since a man named Jackie… shame’s gnarly fingers have gripped my soul, choked me with its hateful whispers. I thought this was normal. I thought it was true. And until recently, I couldn’t separate shame from me, my […]

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I’d Trade Every Tradition for This One: The Christian Seder

seder hedua

If I could choose only one yearly tradition it would be a Christian Passover meal, or Seder. The Seder is a sensory feast for the soul. No other celebration combines music, food, and powerful theology as effectively as a Seder. Planning this contemplative meal for Good Friday sets a reverent and anticipatory tone for corporate […]

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