Smotherhood vs. Parenting Purposefully

If lives came with control panels I’d adjust my Ultra-Protective Parental Instincts Lever…stat.

It seems mine’s been stuck on “max” for over a decade as I’ve perfected the arts of disaster prevention and damage mitigation. I’m like Johnny Bench at the bottom of playground slides, and I could teach Homeland Security a thing or twenty about screening threats. I’ve equated intense observation and limitation with good parenting. But all of my hovering isn’t going over so well with my teenagers.

I have no earthly idea how to dial down the “mama bear” to afford my kinds the opportunity to mature and make mistakes. So I’m investigating heavenly ideas instead.


You’re invited to join me at the blog of The Home Educating Family magazine to listen in on what God has been teaching me about protectionism vs. thoughtful preparation for life’s challenges.

When Mourning Turns to Moping (Help from Hebrews…and a Giveaway)


So many of you have lost loved ones recently. You need healing Truth as the balm for your wounded heart. I want to share how God proved Himself during my deepest grief (the home-going of my mother) so that you might experience His comfort the same way. I lost my bearings when I lost Ma. […]

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Be the Guidance Counselor You Wish You Had

be your child's guidance counselor

Did you choose the right major/career path straight out of high school? Did your training equip you to bring God glory by excelling in a field you love?  If so, count yourself among a blessed minority. Most of us launch into adult life with little-to-no understanding of our own skillsets and passions. If we could […]

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That Little Light of Yours

thrifted vintage blue wall sconce

School ends for us next week and I’m out of steam. Finito. Ka-put. Quite frankly, I’ve been mopey for about a week. I’m in that “Woe-is-me-I’m-just-a-lowly-homeschooling-mom-mood.” Sometimes educating the kids and keeping our home doesn’t feel like enough. My desire for adventure overrides common sense and I imagine myself as a globe-trotting minister of mercy; […]

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