Turn Your Worst Mistakes into Your Best Lessons

Once upon a time I thought the best way to protect my children from making the same stupid mistakes I made when I was young was to keep my stupid mistakes hidden from them.

Then Psalm 78 blew my plan to smithereens.

It has 72 verses devoted to how parents and grandparents are supposed to relive more than just the “glory days” of our past. We are supposed to use our slip-ups to highlight God’s glory instead. The underlying assumption of Psalm 78 is that God is the Lord of our past as well as the Sovereign over our children’s futures. If we keep our pasts hidden away from curious eyes then our children miss out on hearing all the ways the Lord brought glory to his name in spite of our failures.
Psalm 78 is a fantastic blueprint for turning our worst blunders into our best lessons.

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How to Preach the Gospel to Yourself

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Helping Kids Overcome

training kids to be overcomers HEDUA

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