Livin’ La Vida Mocha

Thursday night we took a walk on the wild side.

We dusted off our spontaneity, left our Red Cross Certified Babysitter in charge, and headed out the door at the unthinkable hour of 7:57 (p.m., that is).  I know. On a week night, to boot. It’s the rebel in us.

It was hot date night at Barnes & Noble. Not officially, or anything. But anytime you see our faces in public after eight, it’s hot, and it’s a date.

The conversation was riveting right off the bat – you know, like how we need to update our wills since Captain Adorable joined our cast of characters.   Somehow date night always goes back to the kids.

We regrouped and hastily moved on to the intensely romantic  portion of the rendezvous. First, we got our inaugural taste of fall with decaf pumpkin spice lattes (of course, decaf – we turn into pumpkins promptly at 10:00).  Then he gathered up a stack of financial periodicals while I amassed a pile of decorating magazines, and we read them. Separately…and silently. Cupid could not have arranged a better date.

We were home by 9:30.

Oh, yeah. Livin’ La Vida Mocha!

You must have a bigger sense of adventure than us. What’s the zaniest outing you’ve been on lately?


  1. Davina Davies says:

    That sounds like a pretty sweet date to me!! Only a couple of more years til we will have our own American Red Cross babysitter in residence…I will start planning now :)

    • It is a pretty sweet ritual…even if it’s a bit on the “boring” side. Sweeter now that we don’t have to pay a sitter! Hey, we’re right here in Greenbrier, so drop the boys off with us some time when you want a date!

  2. I think anytime you get out of the house without the kids, it’s a date. My family teases us because Jay and I would go out to dinner and head to Big Lots or BJs afterwards. Jay and I make fun of ourselves because even a doctors visit together is considered a date. WooHoo for any kind of date, night or day!! Enjoy yourselves!!

    • You are so right, Kelly. Just being alone and remembering that it all started with the two of you is all it takes sometimes. My mom used to call it “the bliss of quiet companionship”. It sure is fun to be married to your best friend!

  3. LOVE this! My new favorite!

  4. We usually do the dinner thing and B&N for dessert, but a couple months ago, Tad totally surprised me with the arrival of the babysitter at 5 and a completely prepared picnic dinner. It was nice to do something different.

  5. well, phil’s not really into the b & n thing quite so much (i know, great sadness), but we’ve done that before too. i could sit and read for hours but he gets bored.

    then there’s always those romantic friday night dates to walmart. they rank right up there real high on the list too ;)

  6. Amy Shaddock says:

    So I have shared 2 posts from Plenty Place, signed up for emails but I can figure how to “like” on Facebook?!!?

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