That Little Light of Yours

School ends for us next week and I’m out of steam. Finito. Ka-put.

Quite frankly, I’ve been mopey for about a week. I’m in that “Woe-is-me-I’m-just-a-lowly-homeschooling-mom-mood.”

Sometimes educating the kids and keeping our home doesn’t feel like enough. My desire for adventure overrides common sense and I imagine myself as a globe-trotting minister of mercy; distributing clean water, new sandals, and life-altering pixie dust where’er I roam.

Yeah. Missionaries don’t get bored and aid workers are filled with energetic compassion every waking minute. Subjecting my mood to the transforming power of Christ must be easier in Timbuktu than in my kitchen. If I was the ambassador of a high profile ministry, carrying business cards and a passport full of stamps, then my daily work would be important.


This week God used a thrift store find and a real life globetrotter’s words to straighten out my thinking. How do they relate?

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I snapped up this sconce for $2.25 and wanted so badly to display it prominently downstairs for all who enter our home to enjoy its cheap-ola, vintage niftiness. But I need it in my reading nook. Mental battle ensued over the placement of said sconce. “It’s too cute to hide in my bedroom…I’ll be the only one to see it. Now, really. Is the lamp less cute if only I get to appreciate it? After all, it’s not hardwired, so when I no longer need it upstairs, there’s the option of relocating it where it can be enjoyed by my retro-loving family and friends.” (See me talking to myself about insignificant junk? I told you my brain is fried.)

In the midst of my decorating conundrum we’ve had the honor of hosting a seasoned missionary. We’ve been picking his brain and basking in his exhilarating accounts of the mighty work God is doing worldwide. We can’t get enough. The dude must feel like a guest at the Spanish Inquistion.

I asked what best prepared him for the role he now fills. It may have been more honest for me to ask: Can you tell me how to escape the mundane and finally be able to “do great things”? His answer was precisely what I needed to hear. 

“For years I did work that wasn’t exciting. Day after day I sat a desk writing. I didn’t want the constraint of four walls. I wanted to be out with people. I couldn’t see what God was doing. I didn’t understand the significance of such routine tasks. But I was forced to master skills that are now critical components of this ministry. I had no idea how the Lord would eventually use the mundane events earlier in my life as the foundation for what I do now.”

The proverbial light turned on.

Just like the little sconce, my life of mothering and “wife-ing” has behind-the-scenes-significance. My lamp is beautiful and useful whether it’s shedding light for one person or twenty. My contribution at home is valuable when it’s only my family and God who know what I do.

The daily stuff of life is more than a to-do list…its an agent of change, refining me into a more useful tool.

thrifted sconce in a reading nook

One day the Lord might decide to use me in the remote tribes of Who-knows-where-istan,  but today He has me plugged in at home. My family is worthy of the brightest light I can muster through His strength.

Am I content to shine here?

How about you? Do you feel trapped by the mundane sometimes? Let’s commit this moment together to

“not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

Somebody needs your little light today, friend. Shine on.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Kerry! I needed this challenge and encouragement.

  2. I was thinking this week that we’re overdue for another dessert night.

  3. Sharon Grafton says:

    Great encouragement for all of us to persevere in the place where God has put us for His glory and the good of others. Thanks! Mrs. Captain :)

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