Be the Guidance Counselor You Wish You Had

Did you choose the right major/career path straight out of high school? Did your training equip you to bring God glory by excelling in a field you love?  If so, count yourself among a blessed minority. Most of us launch into adult life with little-to-no understanding of our own skillsets and passions.

If we could turn back the hands of time, many of us would make dramatically different educational choices.

Guidance Through High School

My husband and I chose our universities and majors based upon what we could afford (and which degrees were likely to land us steady jobs). Personal passions, unique talents, and God’s desires were barely considered. Finances, fear, and ignorance drove our decisions. 

We’re trying to help our children make wiser choices.

Frederick Buechner stated, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  We all want our kids to find that sweet spot. Although we can’t discover the precise location of that intersection for our children, we can point them in the right direction, pack their luggage with useful tools, and steer them clear of some pitfalls.  

Please click here to read four suggestions for becoming the guidance counselor you wish you had. 

be your child's guidance counselor



  1. This hits so deeply with me. I did not choose the career that allows me to do what I am passionate about. I began work in a pharmacy at the age of 15 and decided to be a pharmacist. While pharmacy offers really, really good pay, it is so far from my passion that some days I hate going to work. Thankfully I only work as a pharmacist two days a week. The other days I am able to do what lights my fire….writing and speaking about Jesus. It is so important to help kids find what lights their fire and completes them.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas with our readers! I’m sure you helped many.

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